Wednesday, January 4, 2012

winter bliss

Hiya! Remember me? Despite my lack of posting, I am still here and homeschooling the girls! Let's see if I can give you a speedy update - we celebrated Thanksgiving with our families, moved back to Georgia, celebrated Christmas and Gracelyn's 7th birthday. Whew! It has been non-stop, but we are so glad to be back home near our families and friends!

Since things were crazy, I decided to buy a couple more packs from TpT to use during the holidays. This is what we used during the month of December -

teacher bits and bobs

doodle bugs teachings

We also made an elf out of cardstock and I had the girls fill out an elf application that I got from The First Grade Parade ~ she is so clever! We made a santa with a torn beard and wrote a letter to santa that I got from Teacher Bits and Bobs.

This is what we are using for January -

teacher bits and bobs

I couldn't wait to share these adorable puffy snowmen we made out of shaving cream and school glue. It was so easy and they really do dry puffy! If you are interested in doing these snowmen, just mix equal parts of school glue and shaving cream together. I had the kids draw their snowman with a pencil on the blue paper first and then fill in the body with the mixture. We used orange cardstock for the noses and black cardstock for the hats, eyes, and buttons. (I used my hole punch to punch the eyes and buttons.) The arms are toothpicks and the scarves are ribbons. Everything will dry onto the snowman so there isn't any need for glue.

I'll be posting more frequently now that we are somewhat settled and in a routine again! I have lots more winter-y activities to share with you guys!

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