Wednesday, January 18, 2012

playful penguins

Last week we learned about penguins! It was a lot of fun and the girls really loved the penguin craftivity that we did! I think they were more impressed with my collection of scrapbook papers that I have stashed away! We started the week off by doing a KWL chart - Know, Want to know and Learned. They actually knew more than I thought they did about penguins. Ethan was even able to tell me a fact or two about penguins, too!

We organized all of the facts that they knew on a chart that looked like this -
We did it all together and I modeled how to fill out the chart on our dry erase board. Then I gave them a copy for them to fill out. These graphic organizers came from Fun in First. They used these charts throughout the week as a reference for other things. We worked on words that begin and end with sh, ch and th (digraphs) that I got from The First Grade Parade.
We reviewed what verbs are and I had the girls make a flip chart of verbs that penguins can do.
I had the girls write 6 facts about penguins to go along with the *cute* penguins that they made!
We went to the library and checked out a bunch of non-fiction books about penguins that we read throughout the week. They also labeled a penguin that I got from First Grade Blue Skies.

***Check out our lapbook that we made a couple of years ago about penguins.

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