Thursday, February 24, 2011

character building - arguing

We started doing Erika's character study over at Confessions of a Homeschooler last week. The first study is on arguing. With more than one child in the house, arguing is something that will most definately be an issue! The study is short, sweet and to the point. Each week is spread out into 4 days and each day focuses on scripture and a story from the Bible that shows the issue. The girls and I have been doing the study together after I put Ethan down for his afternoon nap.

I have incorporated some visuals with the study by picking out some Behavior Boosters to go along with each character trait. I picked a different behavior booster for each girl to work on that specifically addresses their contribution to arguing.

Here is a look at how we are implementing the study at our house.

lesson plan

brainstorm things that make us argue with each other

read a story from My ABC Bible Verses

Behavior Boosters -

Sow What?

Tattle Tail Monkey

Check out some of the other behavior boosters we have used in our home!

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