Friday, January 21, 2011

co-op class - astronomy

This semester at our co-op group, I am teaching the astronomy class. Another mom taught it for the first semester, so for the last 2 weeks, we have been reviewing what we have learned so far.

week 1-

We reviewed the order of the planets by learning a song called The Family of the Sun and doing a solar system art project that I saw on My Montessori Journey. We are including Pluto in our learning, but we have told the kids that scientists no longer think Pluto is a planet, that it is a dwarf planet. I got the print out of the planets from the coloring castle.

week 2-

We sang The Family of the Sun song a fewer more times and then talked about how the sun, moon and earth revolve. We sang the song and wore the necklaces to help us learn about the relationship between the sun, moon and earth. I saw this idea on My Montessori Journey, too.

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