Friday, July 2, 2010

summer fun

I had planned to continue doing school through the summer. Really I did. But, we have just been too busy enjoying summer. We have been swimming alot and all of the kids have really enjoyed it this summer. Last summer, Ethan would scream and cry if he even got his toes wet! This summer, he can't get enough of it! Everytime we get to the pool, I remember that I forgot to bring the camera (again). Maybe I will remember it and get some pictures of them swimming before the summer is up!

We did a week of VBS and we all had fun doing it. This was the first year that we have done VBS. I was a family leader and Matt was Joseph's guard. Our church uses Group Publishing's curriculum and we were in ancient Egypt all week. The girls' wove baskets, made Egyptian collars, made a brick, sampled some Egyptian food, and got to hear and see the story of Joseph every night.

We made our own Egyptian necklaces at home.

Gracelyn and Ethan are sorting out the Bible memory maker coins for me.

We just got back from visiting some family and watching fireworks with them. Their town always does fireworks on July 1st and we have sorta of made it our tradition to watch the fireworks together.

We took a field trip to the Atlanta Zoo with some friends and had a blast seeing the animals! I remembered my camera, but was only able to take one picture before the batteries died! So, here is our one picture from the zoo!

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Mama Ritza said...

Sounds fun!

I've kinda fallen off the wagon when it comes to doing school this summer, too. :)

I'm bummed that we're going to be out of town during this years VBS.

Gale said...

We had Egypt VBS this year too! We enjoyed it so much. I was a "brickmaker" (well, technically a brickmaker's wife whose husband was away on a building project for Pharoah...cause as far as I could tell brickmaking wasn't something Egyptian women did, unless possibly they made their own birthing bricks). That and I helped everyone on historical research for their characters (can you tell...I'm a bit of a history geek so it fit). It was so fun getting in the mud with the kids, seeing them express their faith to this "Eygptian who didn't know about the one true God" and watching them take in the story of Joseph with their hands, eyes, ears and heart!