Monday, June 7, 2010

"center" board

I wanted to incorporate centers into our school day and since I have very limited space, I needed something that was easy to get out and didn't take up much floor space. So I came up with the idea to make a "center" board. This was very easy and cheap to make because most of the supplies came from The Dollar Tree!

foam poster board
large pockets
exacto knife
dry erase marker
die cuts


sight word matching - write 1 sight word on each pocket and 1 sight word on each die cut, have child match the sight words together

number correspondence - write a number on the pocket and have child put that amount of counters in the pocket

counting money - write an amount on the pocket and have child put that exact amount in the pocket

telling time - write a time on the pocket and have child put the corresponding clock in the pocket or vice versa

jeopardy (great for review with science and social studies) - for each pocket: write 1 review question on an index card and put the card in a pocket, give each pocket a value (100 points, 200 points, 300 points, etc), if the child answers the question correctly, award that child with the points on the pocket
*as an extra teaching bonus, have child do mental math to keep up with their score!

1. laminate 20 large pockets
2. cut them out
3. use an exacto knife to slit the openning of the pocket
4. use double stick tape to adhere the pockets to the board
5. write on the laminated pockets with a dry erase marker
6. wipe off the pockets to reuse again and again and again!

** I plan to post pictures of the different ways to use the board as soon as I get some batteries for my camera.

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The Mom I Want To Be said...

What a great idea!! I'll have to be on the lookout for cheap pockets.

kewkew said...

Wow, your center board is a great idea. Not sure if I will be able to find pockets but I sure am going to try. I love the ideas of things the kids can do with them. Even if I don't make a board I will try to figure out a way to do these activities. Especially liking the number correspondence for now, and jeopardy for when the girls are older.