Monday, August 22, 2011

world geography

This week we will be learning about world geography. Each day they will do some type of work related to the continents. Today, we started out by learning that there are 7 continents. I made a push pin world map for them out of some very inexpensive materials. We also learned a song about the continents sung to the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game". I will be using the traditional Montessori continent colors for this unit: North America - Orange, South America - Pink, Europe - Red, Asia - Yellow, Africa - Green, Australia - Brown, Antarctica - White.

materials -
print out of the maps
2 sheets of foam
rubber cement
7 white push pins

directions -
1. print out the maps
2. cut out the 2 maps and glue each one onto a foam sheet
3. provide student with 7 push pins and the continent labels
4. the control map is the map already labeled with the continents; the other map is blank and that is where the student will do their work
5. have students pin each continent name onto the continent; students can use the control map to check their work

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