Wednesday, October 27, 2010

poetry cards

A project for one of my early childhood classes was to make poetry and song cards. I made 8 or 10 cards and they are great for circle time or anytime! They are super easy to make, the only hard part is finding the boards. They are thicker than poster board and I haven't been able to find them any where. When I had to make them, I was able to buy the cards at the bookstore on campus. Surely there is a supply store that carries them; I just haven't taken the time to search the internet.

colored boards
pictures from magazines or old calendars
2 copies of each poem or song
glue stick
clear contact paper

1. choose a poem or song for the board
2. find a picture to go along with the poem or song
3. glue the picture and 1 copy of the poem or song onto the front of the card
4. glue the other copy of the poem or song onto the back of the board (that way you can read the poem or see the words to the song without having to hold the board at a funny angle!)
5. cut 2 pieces of contact paper: one to fit the back of the board exactly and one piece that is at least a 1/2 inch longer on all 4 sides
6. remove the paper from the back piece of contact paper and smooth onto the back of the board
7. remove the other paper from the front piece of contact paper and lay it flat on the table
8. lay the board (front side to the table) directly in the center of the contact paper
9. wrap the excess around the sides of the board

Hope that makes sense!

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