Thursday, August 12, 2010

learning to draw

A few years ago, I came across a book that had step-by-step drawing instructions. Each little picture had about 6 or 8 simple steps to follow. I made copies of them, cut them out and laminated them and put them all on a loose leaf ring. I had forgotten about them until I came across them last Saturday. I put them out and the girls LOVED them! They were so proud of themselves for drawing pictures on their own! Gracelyn (5 years old) is able to draw most of the pictures on her own. Ella (4 years old) and I draw the pictures together. I model how to draw the steps one at a time and then she draws the step on her board.

birthday cake (isn't it a sweet little cake!)

Gracelyn showing off her drawing

a few more examples

I can't find the book where I got mine, but I did find a couple of other options:

*I found all of these books on-line at The School Box.


Layton Family Joy said...

miss ya kiddo - hope the unpacking is all finished and y'all are enjoying the new chapter! =)

ironic - but the code for this word verification is "moved". =)

Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

I love this idea for helping children learn to draw new and recognizable objects!

Jackie said...

Can you tell me where to find the "Little Kids Can Draw" book. Thanks

Tam said...

Jackie - I found all 4 books on-line at The School Box. Love that place :)

Tam said...

Jackie - here is a direct link to that book: