Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's groundhog day!

We actually did all of our groundhog activities yesterday because today we are celebrating our 100th day of school! Woot Woot ~ only 80 more days to go for this school year!! More about our 100th day tomorrow.
We started our morning off by writing down what we already know about groundhogs. The girls knew 2 facts - they are mammals and live underground. Not too bad :) Then we looked up information about them on the internet and recorded the new information onto index cards. After we got the factual stuff out of the way, we had fun with the tradition of groundhog day! We talked about predictions and predicted whether or not we thought the groundhog was going to see his shadow. We called some of the grandparents and aunts and got their predictions and recorded all of our data onto a graph that I printed from Growing Kinders. Today, we have to write a sentence about what really happened.

We wrote 6 facts onto this adorable graphic organizer that I also printed from the groundhog pack from Growing Kinders.

Then they drew burrows and did a little creative writing as if they were the groundhogs.

We did a word search that I printed from a cupcake for the teacher.

To finish off the day, we did a little quick and easy craftivity ~ a groundhog made from hearts, googlie eyes and a black pompom. Easy Peasy!

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