Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This week we are focusing on walruses! Do you know much about these creatures? Well, we didn't and we have been finding out all kinds of cool stuff about them. Like - did you know that walruses use their tusks to help pull themselves up out of the water? That's pretty cool and I love how God created each animal uniquely and gave them things that they would need to help them survive in the wild.

We started the week off pretty much the same way with me asking the girls what they already know about walruses. They were able to come up with 4 facts which I recorded and placed in our pocket chart. We read some information on them from a book we picked up from the library and wrote down the new information we learned and added those facts to our chart. Then we got on the national geographic kids website and read more facts and watched a short clip about walruses and then wrote down even more facts!

I think I came up with this idea for the walrus craft. I did see something similiar on a website, but I tweaked it a little and came up with the idea to make him or her into a paper bag puppet. I had the girls write and draw 3 facts that they have learned so far about walruses on this journaling sheet from Mrs. Jump.

They ended our walrus learning by labeling a walrus. I found the image on google and created this sheet in Word, but was totally inspired by Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies and Mrs. Jump! Jennifer, by the way, makes the cutest label it sheets EVER! Go check them out here :)

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