Thursday, September 15, 2011

down down the mountain

This week we rowed Down Down the Mountain. This book is about a sister and brother, Hetty and Hank, who really want a new pair of shining creaky squeaky shoes. Their granny tells them exactly how to get the new shoes just by planting some turnip seeds.

We had a lot of fun with this book and even managed to do a couple of projects to go along with it - log cabin building and soap making! I got the printables for the lapbook from homeschool share. I was really impressed with the girls at how well they were able to compare and contrast life on the mountain for Hetty and Hank with our life today. I'm trying to incorporate more graphic organizers and visuals for the girls. We did lots of math story problems, also found on homeschool share, too. They still really really LOVE math journals! Their copy work came from Psalm 112:9, "...share freely and give generously to those in need. Your good deeds will be remembered forever." We also did a sequencing activity on what a plant needs in order to grow. I'm still trying to locate a real turnip for the girls to investigate and learn about. We tried by looking at a picture online of a turnip, but it was too hard to see details about the leaves and roots. We still haven't completely finsihed all of the activites I wanted to do based on this book, so we may take another day or two to finish up. This is what we have done so far...
compare and contrast activity
what does a plant need to grow sequencing activity
soap making (re-making!)
log cabin building

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