Thursday, May 13, 2010


I finally decided to give lapbooking a try. I have loved the idea of them, but I was too overwhelmed to try one myself. But, I reminded myself it's only paper and a file folder that is at stake! This week we are doing letter P stuff and the girls got to see live penguins at the Chattanooga Aquarium a few weeks back, so I thought a lapbook on penguins would be a good start. I got all the components (except the poem) from Lapbook Lessons.

This is the middle of the lapbook.

number matching with penguins and eggs
label the parts of a penguin

Here is the back of the lapbook.

life cycle of a penguin
number book (fingerprints to make the penguins)

We all worked on the components together to make this lapbook. It is very simple, but not too bad for our fist one!


Anonymous said...

Have you read the book the Emperor's Egg? It's a really great penguin book. They're amazing creatures!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I am always tempted to try lapbooks when I look at so many beautifully done lapbooks, but then I get real and tell myself, "When???" LOL. Seriously, your lapbook turned out really nice.

Cindy said...

So are you addicted yet? We love lapbooks! My kids pull out the lapbooks we have completed all the time and look through them.

kewkew said...
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kewkew said...

We did a penguin lapbook back in February. For a counting activity we made a tabbed book called, "Penguins like fish." I really like the penguins on an iceberg idea. Stopping by through the Preschool Corner.
I am now following your blog.

Tam said...

thanks guys! and yes, I'm addicted. I'm already thinking about our next lapbook! We will be doing the letter S next week and I'm trying to get up the nerve to do a snake lapbook - lol!